How to make Vegetable Salad: Step by Step

Hello my friend thank you so much for coming back to my blog today. Today’s episode we will be taking a step by step as usual. My assorted salad recipe is so simple and will take you step by step without for that much. I do let me go ahead and introduce the ingredients we need today so here I have my cooked piece. I have my cooked potatoes and carrots. And now i dice My eggs, onions, jalapenos. My salt and pepper and this is the mixing bowl finally we are also going to need our mayonnaise.

Lets Start…..

I want to thank you so much for coming by today. So the first thing we are going to do is to put in our piece. Now simply just point everything together. The potatoes and the carrot and I give it a stare give it a mix now. I’m going to add my chopped eggs. Give it a mess this a lot. It is so delicious and the making is super simple make sure you give it a try. Also please do not forget to share with loved ones and subscribe to Blog. I really appreciate it if you have any comments leave them down below for me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible so unless. I’m going to add my chopped onions and jalapenos.

Yessss…….Salad days….

Finally my salt and pepper and let’s give it a mix this goes very well with jollof rice or you can eat it as it is whatever you want you eat it with it will go very well with it so finally we are going to add our mayonnaise so let’s go ahead and then stir in our mayonnaise into the salad so after mixing in all the ingredients this is the final result of our vegetable assorted salad please subscribe like comment I really appreciate it may God richly bless you and remember the life without Jesus Christ is lifeless until next time remained list assorted vegetable salad recipe you

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