How To Make Body Lotion With Essential Oils At Home

How to Make Body Lotion With an Essential Oil at Home, can we?. Hi, this is Fillamenta with Tutoriology. Today I want to talk about a basic body lotion recipe that you can use. I mean if you want to try a good recipe at home and use your own essential oils, well why not try it today following these simple instructions.

Let’s we Start Slowly

Okay so, what you’re going to need is?. What you need are four ounces of unscented lotion or you can use a carrier oil or even a hydrosol. You’re going to add 18 drops of a top note essential oil. Then 12 drops of a middle note essential oil and then six drops of a base note essential oil. Now you’re going to need a container to keep this in or a plastic bottle. I find it’s hard to get the lotions down in the bottle sometimes. So I like to use maybe in a tub or a container.

Let’s goto the next step

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to place your carry oil or lotion in your bottle or container and then you’re going to add your essential oils starting with your base note essential oils. Okay, first now we want to follow up with the middle note and then we’re going to add our top note essential oils. Now you can add as many or as little as you like you do not have to have absolutely 18 drops of top note but it will be according to what oils you choose to use some are stronger than others so you may not want to put as many drops of that all in.

This is the final step

So after you finish this you’re going to want to stir it up with your stir rod or a recap and shake it if you have it in a bottle you would just use this as normal and get a chance to enjoy the fragrances of the oils as well as get those therapeutic properties into your body because it will be absorbed into the skin as you wear it throughout the day. I hope that helps you let me know how this recipe works for you by leaving a comment below.

It’s very simple isn”t it?. Ok thank you for read How to Make Body Lotion With an Essential Oil at Home. I hope it usefull for you all..byeee….

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