How to Make Shampoo and Conditioner

Today I’m going show you How to Make Shampoo and Conditioner. It couldn’t be easier the shampoo portion of this project is. So easy you’re going to flip no really. It’s full of good hair loving ingredients like grapefruit seed extract horse-chestnut and vitamin E.

What do we need for it?

whell, Just to name a few and in fact in department stores you can pay up to $12 just for four to six ounces of shampoo whereas. This is a very economical easy way for you to customize and make a great shampoo for yourself.

Now let we start…

Step one: Prepare

First step is to pour 10 ounces of the shampoo into a mixing bowl or a mixing container. If you want to use more you can always double or triple this recipe. It’s time to add our fragrance oil or essential oil. In this case I’m making a delicious personalized essential oil blend using rosemary essential oil peppermint. Essential oil and Tahitian vanilla just one part of each add 1/4 ounce of this custom. Essential oil and fragrance oil blend to your soap. And stir really well make sure it’s all the way stirred in stir gently though because you don’t want to stir in too many bubbles. If you want to personalize your essential oil or fragrance oil blend you totally can just remember safe usage rates.

Step two: Making a Shampoo

I chose rosemary essential oil for this blend is because it adds to shine and Sheen for your hair. It supposedly cuts down on oiliness who can’t get behind that rosemary on its own is a little bit sharp though. So that’s why out of the de Heaton vanilla. It really cuts down on that sharpness and adds to the sweet notes in the blend. Now that our essential oil and fragrance oil is all stirred in. It’s time to pour really I told you it couldn’t have been easier with a steady hand. Just pour directly into your bottles that’s it you’re done with the shampoo.

Step Three: Making a hair conditioner

Now it’s time to make our hair conditioner from scratch. It’s really easy it’s similar to making lotions. One thing that’s really important to do and this is a non-negotiable is that you need to rinse every single piece of equipment . You’ll be using for this recipe with bleach water a five percent bleach water solution to ensure that everything is fully sterilized. Before you start the first step is to add distilled water into a pan. For this recipe we’re using 374 grams of water. A lot of times I’ll work in ounces but this recipe is so precise that I’m working in grams.

The reason I’m using distilled water for this project is because tap water can have a lot of microbes in it. It’s important to be safe and make sure that your conditioner doesn’t grow mold or have any bacterial contamination. So use distilled water heat it thus water on a stovetop. You want to make sure that you’re on a stovetop. So you can keep the temperature even for a period of at least 10 minutes now that I’ve got my water heating on medium.

Time to blend it

It’s time to measure out the other ingredients into the container goes to grams of liquid silk. 22 grams of liquid glycerin 35 grams of beat EMS 50 13 grams of jojoba oil 6 grams of sweet almond oil and 12 grams of DL panthenol. Take all these ingredients over to your heating water and just pour them in after you’ve poured them in. Give them a quick stir. They won’t melt right away you’ll need a way to Lee’s three to five minutes for them to start melting.

Just waiting with pattience

While they’re melting let’s talk about some of the ingredients in this hair conditioning recipe. Liquid silk is basically silk amino acids dissolved in water adds protein and body to your hair beat EMS 50 or Venice Romanian methyl sulfate is our emulsifier for this conditioning recipe. It’s a conditioning emulsifier that mixes water and oil together. It’s especially great in hair conditioners deal. Panthenol is also known as Pro vitamin b5. It’s super moisturizing for your hair shaft. It helps improve hair structure and it adds Sheen and shine.

Let see our work again

Now it’s time to check and see how our hair conditioner is doing. You can see it’s mid melting point. Now we’ve probably got another five to six more minutes to go give it a good stir though make sure everything is well mixed. In while this is cooking try to keep it right around 160 degrees. This will make it a lot easier when it’s time to add our fragrance oils and our preservative. Okay this is right around 160 degrees.

It’s very important that we never ever add our preservative opt offense above 175 degrees. This is because he breaks down the preservative action, which means mold bacterial contamination. All kinds of icky things can grow in your hair conditioner so keep it below 160 degrees before you add your preservative preservatives are always necessary when making lotions or hair conditioners. You can mix all with a stick blender or a whisk.

Lets do it again

Now if you use a whisk you have to use a lot of elbow grease. So I like to use a stick blender. But if you don’t have one handy just keep whisking until you can’t possibly. Think you can whisk any more or until the conditioner is not separating. Now it’s time to add that all-important preservative for this recipe. We’re adding four grams of Optifine and we’re adding an equal amount of our fragrance oil essential oil blend. Remember that blend was one part Tahitian vanilla, one part rosemary essential oil, and 1 part peppermint. First distillation essential oil with a steady hand just pour your warm conditioner into your bottle.

Ok friends, its done. Thank you for reading How to Make Shampoo and Conditioner. I hope you enjoy it. byee

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