How to Holding the Violin: The Left Hand and The Left Arm

Hello, here again with fillamenta at Tutoriology. I want to talk about Holding the Violin: the left hand and the left arm. I feel that this is one of the most tricky areas of violin playing. Even now I find them constantly readjusting. For example my shoulder rest and the position and the height of the feet. I’ll just talk a little bit about the setup.

For Example

I have a central chin rest and i don’t have a chin rest which goes across to the left here (you can see in here). The reason that I have this is that it flattens out the instrument for me and makes it easier with the angles for the bow. I have a shoulder rest with adjustable feet. So I can adjust the height of the left and right.

The Point is just Relax and Comfort

It’s really worth experimenting with this and using different shoulderest to find exactly what is comfortable for you. The other thing which makes a huge difference is the kind of clothing you wear particularly in relation to the left shoulder. Ideally one doesn’t want the left shoulder to be too high one doesn’t want to be squeezing too much here. So you want something with just enough height. So that you don’t have to do that. Then you can nicely place the violin up to the shoulder there now in terms of the left hand and the left arm.

Lets see the Left Hand

I would say that one doesn’t want the thumb too high here because that decreases your agility. In terms of the left hand fingers and also makes it much more difficult to shift particularly when you’re coming from upper positions into lower positions. The other thing which is very important is to have the left elbow round quite a lot. Obviously this depends on what string you’re on. But you really want the fingers to be suspended above the string again. So you have that extraordinary agility and ability to move from positions very quickly.

Thank you for Reading How to Holding the Violin: The Left Hand and The Left Arm. I hope it usefull. If you have any question about violin youcan add comment bellow. Byee

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