How to Clean your Keyboard: Very Fast!

have you checked out other guides on how to clean your keyboard and you thought to yourself “no way this is just too much of a hassle to clean a keyboard. I’m not spending half a day on this thing. I just want a quick and easy method on how I can get the job done” well if that’s you.

Today I’m going to show you how you can take a dirty and filthy mechanical keyboard like this one right here with dirt hair and all that grime stuck in the keys and literally in about two minutes. Give it that new look shine get all that dirt out and then just get back to glorious PC gaming.

The tools

So right here on the desk we’ve got all the components. You will need to clean your peripherals. So we’re not just gonna do the keyboard, we’re also gonna clean your mouse mouse pad and wrist rest to. And how you can clean your headphones as well. So here it is. This is the first tool you will definitely want to have in your inventory when it comes to cleaning anything PC related. This is the data vac. It is the anti-static model essentially.

Lets Start

Just blows out a lot of targeted air and it can really get into this keyboard and just get the dirt out so quickly and easily. Then we’ve got for the touch-ups multi-purpose spray water dispersant this will just really give it a new look shine get out any extra little dirt that may be in there as well as lubricating any stock keys. So here’s the keyboard, it is looking smick and all the gunk in between the keys are all gone looks amazing. It’s ready for use.

Next Thing to Clean

But what about other things like your mouse?. We’re gonna give this a bit of a clean. Now with the similar method however this time around we’re going to be lifting up the keys to get that wd-40 in there as well as blowing the data back inside. Here’s the mouse after a nice check yes cleanse and it is looking really good. But the imprints you see there from my fingers that’s just after years of use that’s. The actual plastic itself being worn down there’s really no way to fix that other than getting better plastic. I think it’s PBT plastic as they use ABS here and that will wear out from fingerprints. But other than that the mouse I’ve had this mouse for a few years now. It’s still kicking and I’m sure it’s gonna be kicking for another few years to come.

The Mousepad and Headphones

So on the table here we’ve got the wrist rest the mousepad and also the headphones and this is the magical ingredient that you’re going to need to make sure that these all get cleaned so quickly and easily. This is alcohol wipes I use and I’ve been using these for years and years. They save a lot of time and they’re relatively cheap as well. So we’re going to get a few of these out and just hammer down all three of these components. And then I’ll take some before and afters for you guys. And here we are now with the finished product we cleaned out.

A lot of dirt on both this wrist rest and the mouse mat itself even this tea stain over in the right corner of the mousepad did come out too the headphones. We’ve rejuvenated those as well got all this flaky stuff off and the ear pads are now clean as well. so I don’t have to worry about any dirty germs coming into my ear and causing serious problems now.

Last Words

I like to use break and parts cleaner but with plastics. I wouldn’t risk it as sometimes brake cleaner can be chlorinated and that will eat plastics not to mention. It is conductive and capacitive at first. So if you spray it into something like a mouse it could ruin your mouse so I do not recommend using this on peripherals. It’s the one time I don’t recommend using brake cleaner. But other than that we’ve got alcohol wipes a bit of multi-purpose spray and the data vac.

Tahnk you for reading How to Clean Your Keyboard. I hope you enjoy it. Byeee…..

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