Read Faster with this 5 methods, trust me its work!

Is there a correct way to increase the speed of reading?. Well, I believe this can be done. In this article I’ll show you how to Read Faster with this 5 methods, in other words is 5 different methods you can use to read more quickly.

Lets Start

First Method

The first method is very easy And maybe it’s not satisfying enough But it is simply. I read more and in an extended way And to read about unusual topics. They are the ones who get a lot of reading experiences And who have a large number of language terms. And those who have scientific background that can be applied to what they read quickly. This probably indicates what you already know. That reading is only a skill, and like any other skill. It takes time to build it. Reading takes time and training to become good at it Now, the next method if you have the same reading problem as mine.

Second Method

When I try to read a realistic book I always try to figure out what’s in the book, but I get bored at the end Or read a sentence that makes me dive into thinking To find me in the end, daydreaming And to solve this problem. when you read I have two ideas for you The first is to create what I call a “bond of interest” with something that actually attracts you And this term I invented now. But in general, the idea is to try to connect what you read to something that catches your attention. The other idea is to do some tests to find the best place for you to read. For example, this chair is not a good place to read for me Because when I read here I always find me daydreaming. This is why I find prefer reading outside.

Third Method

Well, now a third way. This method applies to textbooks or books in which you know the type of information you want to obtain from them. Or at least you know the general idea of ​​the book. And is to read a basic reading before the actual reading By initial reading, I mean to go through the headings of the sections. Tables of content, featured words, and texts change form in each chapter. And go to the end of the chapter and search for vocabulary and review questions. By doing this, you first encourage your brain to notice the most important information when reading. This will prepare you for the next method, which will often be the opposite of everything you think.

Fourth Method

I am trying to explain in this series. Browsing Every idea. We built about browsing is that it’s a way that you understand less when you read. Browsing is still an important skill Because the content in the book is so much more than you actually need to understand. Browsing is just an excellent way to get through a large amount of reading and get to the general idea or conclusion. When the little details are not that important to understand. The best way to browse for me is what Cal Newport called (pseudo surfing).


It is simply a way to browse through your textbook to find specific passages that are more important From other passages. These sections contain the main ideas, theories, and things that need to be remembered. Once you find one of these key passages, you can read more slowly to understand, so you can remember what’s in it. But for the rest, browsing will suffice And when applying this method. You can define the important paragraphs by focusing on the first and last sentence of each paragraph. Because these are the sentences that will give you an idea of ​​the rest of the paragraph’s content.

Fifth Method

The fifth and final way to improve speed reading. But wait a moment ….. Should we talk about reading speed as a metric? Or should we look broader and think of learning fast as something important?. I think people who want to learn to read quickly are often motivated by that desire to be among those people who say I’ve read three books this week And I think that this goal is wrong. Reading shouldn’t be an achievement.


Good Reads is not an achievement list. Your bookshelf is not an achievement portfolio And on the same platform, having information can also get you wrong. Because when we think about reading speed, we encourage ourselves to think of our minds as ticket machines. In the lane that tells you how many balls you can get. Our brains don’t work that way, but trying to quickly read can convince us that our brains do. And our goal is to get tickets into it faster and faster. Learning is not like this How about taking the time to comprehend and understand.

What you have learned and compare it with your vision of things? I think fast readers are always interested in the idea of ​​understanding, and when this is done, it is not the only goal. Understanding what you read is required for exams, but gaining wisdom is required for life.

Last Words

So the last way is that when you read, take the time to apply what you have read to something. Write your notes, write a summary, compare what you learned with your current worldview. And use that information to do different things and make better decisions. All of this will help you with a better way of absorbing the information and not having to read more. Ultimately it will increase your learning speed as a whole, which should be your goal.

I hope some of the methods in this article helped you read faster. But it is up to your priorities. If you want to read more, start reading, then make it your habit.

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