How To Clean Laptop Computer Screen and LCD Monitor

Hi everybody how you doing today this is Doly Fillamenta. Today we’re going to be talking about cleaning LCD screens. You know every time somebody points at the screen or they’re eating food and the sloshes up and it gets on the screen or somebody sneezes. It makes those little speckled dots all over the screen can be real annoying and especially when you turn the screen off.

What do we need

You can notice that now this also applies to the screens that are on laptops because they they hold the same properties as a bigger one. Such as this what I like to use to clean screens is products that are easily available at any store such as the Philips cleaner. The main ingredient is really just water that has been purified although it has some properties in there that keep the water wet to here’s some different ones. Now this is a Philips brand and this actually cost about ten dollars but it came with this special rag too and this is a microfiber cloth that is specially designed so it won’t scratch. You don’t want to use paper towel and toilet paper or your t-shirt although your t-shirt would work good.

Let’s Start…

You want to make sure it’s clean this is an off-brand that I actually picked up at a dollar store and it actually has the same ingredients as the the Philips brand although the rag that came with it is. I would say it’s a microfiber cloth but it’s not as good as quality as the other the trick to getting these things clean is to. First of all just loosely brush off any dust that accumulates on the screen and any noticeable bumps. You don’t want to scratch them away because you going to end up damaging. Now when you apply your cleaner. It’s best to apply the cleaner to the actual rag itself.

Let’s Do Slowly

Now if you spray the screen what happens is the fluid can get trapped up along this edge and it can actually seep in between the plates and it’s not good news. It can actually stain your screen. I like to get the the rag really wet with the cleaner and then I actually apply it so I can see it. Now I don’t wipe it off right away because what I like to happen is to dissolve anything on there. That might be solid and so I’ll leave it wet for a couple minutes just like you see here and occasionally the wet. It just like that and it will actually dissolve any you know junk that’s on there and then efforts been on for about a minute.

Next step…

Turn your rag to a dry spot now. This is the trick you want to keep turning your rag just like washing a car. You want to go from the outside of the edges to the inside and keep turning that rag. You won’t need any more spray at this point. All you’re trying to do is dry it up and keep the streaks away. So you’re going to go from the outside to the inside like this. Now don’t use your rag on the outside plastic or on the keyboard. I know what will be tempting to do because you have a rag in your hand. But to keep your rag at its cleanest. You’re going to just want to use it for the screen again. You’re going to start from the outside and going to work to the inside. Now this cleaner does have a natural tendency to evaporate quickly.

Last Step

Although it does not contain alcohol modern cleaners. Or don’t have alcohol and has suggested that you never use alcohol to clean your monitor. Now if once the screen is dry you’re still noticing smudges. On there you’re going to want ahead and reapply wet the rag. Make sure it stays nice and wet. Keep it wet for about a minute and then wipe it to the center until it goes completely dry. Now of course you’re going to want to do this when the monitor is off. It’s not a good idea to clean these when the monitors on. It’s going to hurt the monitor but what’s going to happen is. It’s not going to be as easy to see the smudges. Now I’m pretty happy with the way that this one worked out. It looks pretty good now if you do have any extra little smudges. If you take a cotton rag a soft cotton rag that’s clean you can always buff those out. Just slightly you don’t want to apply too much pressure because it will damage it.

Now when you’re doing a laptop it’s pretty much the same technique as I’ve told you here. And what do you use to cleaning your LCD screens.