6 Tips For Better Sleep: Trust Me It’s Work!


Everyone may have sleepless nights. This is absolutely normal. We measure sleep by both quantity and quality. Both in quality How can you improve? (Science and sleep) Scientifically, for better sleep There are six ways.

1. Sleep on Time

Get to bed on time. Get out of bed on time. Being on time is key. This helps regulate it. Whether it is a day off or a day off Even if there are sleepless nights. Because deep inside your brain Because there is a main 24 hour clock. This watch needs regular operation. It’s works best under normal operating conditions. This includes the sleep process. Many people wake up. But only a few people wake up to go to bed. This is a point that will make you fall asleep

2. Another Factor is Temperature.

Keep the room cool. Your brain and body They need to reduce their internal temperature by about 1 degree Celsius It stimulates sleep and stays asleep longer This is in a cold room rather than a hot room It is the cause of easier sleep. So my current advice is Set your room temperature. 65 degrees Fahrenheit or Keep it above 18 degrees Celsius. It may seem cool, but it’s cool.

3. Another factor is darkness.

We are a society without darkness. People need darkness, especially in the evenings. To trigger sleep hormones. This hormone regulates your sleep. Before you go to bed Stay away from computer screens. Stay away from phones and gadgets. Dim the light in your house by half. How does this make you want to sleep? You will be amazed when you find out. You can wear eye protection if you wish You can use light barriers This is an important sleep hormone or It is best to help normalize melatonin.

4. Another Thing is To Get Out of Bed Immediately

Do not stay in bed too long while you are awake. In general Suppose you are trying to fall asleep. If you stay awake for 25 minutes or so After these 25 minutes, you are awake I will not be able to go back to sleep. My advice is to get out of bed. Go do something different. Because the brain It’s an incredible tool. Your bed is the magic of this wide eye The brain knows the connection between thoughts. We need to break this connection. You can do something different by getting out of bed.

5. Return to Bed Only After You Have Fallen Asleep

In this way, gradually Your bed is a double and regular bed Your brain will recognize the connection between space and thought. The fifth point has already been mentioned in this series Learn more about sleep. This is the effect of alcohol and caffeine. A good shortcut is at noon. In the evenings Avoid drinking coffee.

6. Do Not Go to Bed and Sleep When You Are Under the Influence of Alcohol

Finally, make it a habit to relax. I think a lot of us in the modern world To be able to go to bed as soon as you turn off the light Expect it is thought of as a light switch. They think they should go to sleep right away. Unfortunately, sleep for most people Not so sleep is a metabolic process. Much like the landing plane. To get to the basics of good sleep It takes time for your brain to fall asleep slowly. 20 minutes before bed or half an hour or so At bedtime Stay away from your computer or phone. Do something relaxing. Find out what keeps you entertained. If you find this, stick to it and practice regularly. You have insomnia? If so, you may have symptoms such as cataracts.

The points mentioned earlier are: It will definitely not help you. If I were your sports coach It can help you improve your skills. But if you have ankle pain Nothing special. Before you improve your skills Ankles need to be treated first. The Same is True of Sleep. If you think you have insomnia Talk to your doctor. This is the best advice. Then we talk about sleep What is our current situation? The evidence is clear. It can be thought of as a life support system. Some people call it a supreme ability.

Thank you for read 6 tips for better sleep. I hope everyone in the world always happy and Health.

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