How to Write an Arts Proposal

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Hi, welcome back in tutoriology, and today I’m going share with you about How to Write an Arts Proposal. Writing an arts proposal is a little different from just writing a grant for personal use. Because you’re actually going to be having your own theatrical venue (for example). Most likely that’s already a non-profit that you’re going to be asking for funding for.

First Think You Have to do

So first of all decide whether your grant will go to an organization or to a personal donor. You have to really research those organizations and the donors. Make sure that you’re really going to the right places. Because there are specific organizations and donors who donate to the arts. Then you’re going to want to appeal to them first before you go anywhere else. In other word try to you know sort of reach into pockets that aren’t already labeled for you. Next you’re of course going to want to give the exact statistics of your organization. You know how many subscribers do you have in your theater.

A Little Question..

How many students does your outreach program to teach and help each year? You know, give your percentages and statistics and sort of really beef up your proposal in that way, you know, by saying we help so many people, it is so important for you to give us more funding.

Its Done…

Finally, of course you’re going to want to detail the exact amount of funding that you’re going to need and how it will be used, because in order for someone to give you money, they’re going to need to know how they’re going to be using it. So be very meticulous in how you’re going to use the funding and then really do intend to use it in the way that you have asked. And finally, good luck achieving your grant and this are just some ideas to think about when you’re writing your arts proposal..

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