How To Meditate: Beginners Definitive Guide


Today we will talk about exactly how to meditate. I’m going to talk everything about where you can meditate, what to do with your body, what to do with your mind all the way to how long you do it. so you can start enjoying the benefits of this.

Where should I meditate?

You can meditate virtually anywhere you want, because it is a mental exercise. You can meditate while sitting in a chair sitting on the floor even lying on the bed. However, there is an optimal way to meditate. It is best to avoid meditating in bed. as we can easily fall asleep. It is best to meditate on the ground with your back straightened. This is because it allows you to stay alert and hold the position for a long time.

“What should I do with my body?”

The first thing you want to keep in mind when you meditate is how you hold your feet. Most meditating people you come across will say that your feet should be on top of each other. However, for most people, especially beginners, this is the case it is absolutely fine to have your feet in a Turkish seat Have your hands there on your knees and form a cup. Your ankles may touch each other, what is important is that your arms are relaxed. Your back is straight and your neck is. Nor is your head tilted forward or tilted back just straight.

You can leave your eyes open or close them.

However, for most beginners, I recommend that close their eyes because it makes it easier to concentrate. If you do decide to meditate with your eyes open, then don’t focus on any object that is in front of you. Instead, look into the distance. How long should I meditate?

Now, before you start meditating, set a timer.

This is because time will pass slowly when you first start meditating. So setting up a timer will help you not think about that, how much time may have elapsed since the meditation began? For your first meditation, I recommend that you set your timer to just five minutes. As meditation becomes part of your day and you also get used to the position required for meditation, even for a longer period of time, you can increase the duration!.

How Long To Do Meditate?

Most people consider 10-20 minutes of meditation to be the best. What should I do while meditating? This is where the complications begin. There are several different types of meditation. There are some where you have to focus on the objects around you, some where you have to repeat words, but what you will learn today is one of the best known forms of meditation and is called “Vigilant Breathing Meditation. ” This is very easy to learn and just as effective as any other type of meditation.


The main focus of breathing meditation, you wouldn’t figure out, is breathing. First, make sure you take a breath on your nose. then all you have to do is focus all your attention on your breathing. Feel the air flowing through your nostrils. Watch as the intake air is exchanged and becomes exhaust air. Notice the pause between the two processes. Examine it from all sides. But don’t form an opinion about it! Don’t criticize. Just watch, investigate. You will soon find that thoughts arise in you and will disturb your concentration. “Ah, what should I cook for dinner? Hmm, maybe I should order instead of … wait, I should lose a few pounds, so I shouldn’t be living in fast food … or is it?

Don’t Get Disturb

” When you notice that your mind is on these simply turn your thoughts back to breathing. This is how you train your “alertness muscle”. Most people who meditate for the first time find it extremely difficult to focus only on their breathing even if only for seconds. They’ll be distracted soon, but that’s perfectly normal so don’t criticize yourself if that happens. If only because it is likely to happen. All you have to do is turn your attention back to your breathing nicely. A little trick I often use to get my attention back is that I focus on that little little intermediate point that is between inhaling and exhaling.

For that little break when your body is transforming the air you breathe. While meditating, try to move as little as possible. Urges and stimuli will then make you restless and spoil your meditation but this is normal, this is to be expected. Just open your mind back to your breathing. If you succeed, the feeling will also disappear. And that’s all.

Make It Simple

This is a very simple exercise. What you need to know, however, is how much you work on it, how much time you spend with it, to become a habit. You will find that you can focus your full attention on your breathing for longer and longer. Think of this as if your “alertness / concentration muscle” is constantly strengthening. How often should I meditate? To really feel the impact of the practice you have to meditate every day. My routine is 5-10 minutes each day, each time I get up.

Make it A Habit

Who meditates for 20 minutes when getting up and 20 minutes before going to bed. The point is to make it your daily habit. When will I feel its positive effects? Now for the first time; it is important to do it regularly every day. The length of each meditation can also play a role in answering the question. But after all, it’s hard to say when you’re going to feel the impact because it depends on the individual. Some people are not so good at concentrating because of their upbringing. So maybe it will take them a little longer before they can experience the benefits. For me, it was my personal experience to have a month of daily meditation necessary to feel any effect from it.

Throw all the negative things. As I continued to meditate, I felt more and more of the positive effects of meditation. And that’s all there were guys, meditation is very simple, it’s just hard to make it your habit. If you have any questions, post them below in the comments and I will try to answer as much as possible Anyway.

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