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google lens
Google Lens

Google just unveiled for google lens which will now be inside the camera instead of inside of assistant. So let’s take a look of it I’m here with Fred Bruin from Google and he’s going to show us some of the cool new features. All right so first of all this is the LG G 7 that’s one of our partner devices so right from the default camera as well as assistant. You can just access google lens right from that so that’s that’s built into a non pixel phone. This is business big-time so there’s a built in for the camera on the LG g7 so you don’t have to download. I using them go get an app or anything like that it’s right into right in the camera. So then we have a feature called the style match that we announcing today.

So if you find something you like could be a bag some clothes shoe you can just tap on this will find you similar products. In this case looks like we found something pretty close so you can just go straight through that and so that’s that’s using Google search it’s taking a picture and inside it’s a little mind here it’s true it’s comparing it against thousands of other bags and images and it’s finding one that matches both what it is and the type of bag it is so if you saw there there was a lot of bags with that kind of that you know rough leather look with like different swatches and it kind of uses all that and it uses it’s.

It’s AI to really understand

Okay I’m looking at a specific type of bag not just an air bag, so then the other feature. We can show you is smart type selection. You can also kind of see those dots that kind of shows you that it’s working. When it nails on something it brings up those colored dots. So here I can go straight from an item on a menu that I might know. You might not know what it is and I can go straight to looking at images of this. To learn more the other great example of smart text selection I can show you is over on a book. So let’s say you have a passage that you want to send to a friend. You can just tap on this and then now this text is just interactive as if it was on the screen. So you can grab copy and translate pull those text.

I mean this is like a life-changing stuff so you can have you know a book or a static PDF or something that you can’t usually grab the text from. Then just take it and use it in and your document or email or whatever you a message what-have-you just by your camera. So all this will be available in an update to Google lens. At the end of this month and the g7 comes out I think. LG hasn’t quite now the Dania but it’s somewhere around late-may early-june. So it’ll probably be on that device. When it launches as well as the pixel and other the one plus six they mentioned as well so we’re talking about you know a lot of the newer Android forms that are coming out and the middle of 2018.

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