How to CROP & SAVE Videos in VLC Media Player |2.2.1| Simple & Easy!

VLC media player
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Hey what’s up you guys welcome back. Today we’re going to learn how to crop videos in VLC media player. This is probably one of the easiest techniques around. Ok lets do it!

Step One

First you want to go up into tools you want to. Go down to preferences and down the bottom left here you want to select all and you’re taken to the Advanced Settings. You want to scroll down and under video you have filters you.

Step Two

Know click on the drop down arrow and you want to scroll down until you find crop pad. Right here once you select that you’re taken to your video cropping filter and some options. Crop from the top of your video the bottom of the left or the right and just for the sake of. This tutorial I’m going to crop about 300 pixels from the top and 300 pixels from the bottom. So I’m going to go ahead and type. That just because I find that easier and there we go.

Step Three

I’ve selected how much I want to crop from the top and the bottom. You guys can be the judge of that depending on the dimensions of your video approximately 37 to 38 pixels is equal to 1 centimeters. So here you have a play around and see how you go. Once you’ve selected that what you want to do is you want to click on filters again you take into some more options. And you wanna select a video scaling filter down the bottom right here. I make sure you check that and then press save, so now that you’ve saved your cropping dimensions you want to open up your video.

Step Four

Open File find your video sometimes right here and just for your reference. As you can see I’ve got lots of the sky here and a bit of the stand. Now in the bottom and we’re going to see how much 300 pixels will crop my video. You guys can actually skip this step. I’m just showing you guys the size of my video currently and what it’s going to look like afterwards.

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Step Five

So after you have selected your cropping dimensions what you can do is you can go straightaway into media, where you can go into down to crop and save. You want to select that and then you want to add the your video. The video you want to crop and you want to find it. I’m going to go open and then you want to go and click on the drop-down arrow off. This convert and save right here.

Step Six

You want to go into convert and then here you want to select the Edit. Select profile this tools option right here then go ahead and select that. Then up top here where you have is video codec. Select that and go down to filters. You want to scroll down and find video cropping filter right here and make sure check that box and select save.

Step Seven

Your next going to browse a destination where you want to save your crop video and then name it as well. For the sake of this video I’m going to call it demo and then I select save. Once you’ve done do that, click on start and it will start converting. As you can see down the bottom here depending on your file size will determine how long the video takes to convert. This is a fairly small video, so it’s quite quick because you can see it’s almost done.

Once it’s finished, you want to go back up into tools you want to go to preferences. And down the bottom you want to reset all your preferences, so that in future when you open up any other videos. It doesn’t cause you any problems.

I’m gonna go ahead and get out of VLC media player and then I’m going to open up my video to see if the cropping options have taken effect. So if you’ll see VLC media player you can see before what we could see the sky. We could see a stadium. You can see some of the crowd right now. As you can see, that’s what it looks like when you crop 300 pixels from the top and 300 pixels from the bottom. You can also see it did not affect the quality of my video. It did not affect the quality of sound. It simply just cropped 300 pixels from the top and 300 from the bottom.

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There you go, as simple as that now. if this article helps you out, I would really appreciate if you guys can help me out by leaving a comment and subscribing until next time. Thanks for Reading..Rahayu

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