How to Reduce or Less Excel File Size Without Any Software

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How are you Today’s i will discuss a very important issue fast and easy. But it’s very important for you How to reduce excel file size. To make our excel work, a file gets bigger. How to shorten this big file easily. Can easily minimize without any software or macro coding.

I have a file here whose name is file 1. This file is about size 18983 KB That is, 18.98 Megabytes. It takes a lot of time to open such a large file. I’ll bring this big file down to half Through a small technique. I want to show that technique.

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At first we open the file. We first open the file You can see, this file takes a lot of time to open Because this file is too big. Because of which this file is delayed to open For this reason. I would like to shorten this file in a short period of time. How to i do Through a small technique. No macro coding will be used Just through a little technique.

First, go to the file menu. After going to to the file menu, we will go to the save As option. Now we want to save the file to that folder. Save in that folder We named the file ( File 2 ). We usually do that work in excel this file type are usually on xlsx format. That means we’ll change the file type. Clicking on this arrow button gives us a lot of options. We will select 3rd number from this option. By Selections this, we will save the file. Now our file is automatically shortened As proof, we can check the file. Here is two file,.The first was 18983 kb. The second is 9263 kb.

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