Hi. I am Fillamenta and many people call me doly. I’m a writer freelance and a teacher too. Sometimes i compose music and arranging music. Beside that i am a violinist, saxophonist, flutist and yogi.

My daily rutine just read a book to upgrade my knowledge. Sometime in other time i also do a research with my friend about Psychology of Music. Right now i still have a project for my album about binaural sound with music. It has to focus, in other word  it must be perfect when other people hear my music with earphone or headset.

I have a blog (fillamenta.blogspot) about psychology, spiritual and music. All of that articles i wrote with indonesian language.¬† Tutoriology site i made for growing and upgrade my skill, knowledge and open mind. It’s not for me, offcourse it’s for everybody. Tutoriology site give all of you about tutorial, tips, trick, knowledge, new think, and everything. For example “how to make banana cream pie with simple recipe“, and many more. So what do you all waiting for, let’s learn together and upgrade your skill with me.

Ok I hope you enjoy all of my articles. Thank You